LocalResource for Diagnostics, the size config matters

In one of my Azure projects, we use local storage to temporarily store some logging data files and then leverage the Windows Azure Diagnostics (WAD) to transfer these files to a storage account.

We encountered a weird problem when we tried to configure the size for the abovementioned local resource. I’ll call it LocalStorageLogDump as below. My initial thinking of this sizeInMB configuration is that as long as it is below the limit of the virtual machine’s local storage size, which is about 200GB for a small instance, it should be just fine. However, when I put a 5000MB (5GB) in the config, it failed to start the diagnostics monitor.

By reflectoring the diagnostic assembly and later reading the following article, I then realized, the local resource that is used for WAD, has to be less than the size of a local resource named DiagnosticStore which by default is 4GB and not in the .csdef file. Then after I explicitly added that configuration entry and gave it a larger value, WAD comes back to work.


<LocalStorage name=”LocalStorageLogDump” cleanOnRoleRecycle=”true” sizeInMB=”5000″ />
<LocalStorage name=”DiagnosticStore” cleanOnRoleRecycle=”false” sizeInMB=”10000” />

[Update: 9/16/2013]

The cleanOnRoleRecycle attribute is better with a “false” value, according to this post, in case you encountered the same/similar issues.

LocalResource for Diagnostics, the size config matters

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